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Original Release: TBC

Book and Lyrics: Lesley Creasser Guymer

Music: Jack Mitchell Smith

Based on the Short Story by: Edgar Allan Poe

Based around a seafaring community at the turn of the 19th century, 'Morella' tells the tale of a young woman (Morella) who takes advantage of - and eventually falls in love with - a lonely man (The Narrator).

Morella has always been driven by her deceased Father's never recognised ambition of immortality, leading her to marry the Narrator as he is a man of wealth, therefore has access to a great many books and sources on the subject matter.

However, she soon realises that the way to achieve her goal would be to live on through a child - a Daughter.

Morella dies during childbirth, giving birth to a girl who grows up in her image, much to the discomfort of the Narrator - so much so that he refuses to give her a name as she can only be Morella - a name he daren't speak.

As new romance is introduced into the Daughter's life, a web of confusion breaks out around the community as the Narrator begins to fall in love with his Daughter who in turn is feeling confused about her feelings towards a recently returned from the sea Young Sailor.

The chilling tale is being brought together in its symphonic entirety as a concept album and will be released soon.

Morella Concept Art, Alex Allison
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