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Disneyland - How Music Makes the Happiest Place on Earth HAPPIER!

Last week I went abroad for the first time since....2022!

Yet it was the first time in my LIFE that I did so as a romantic getaway, and as if that wasn't enough for me to go "wow, that's never going to happen", I also found myself in one of those places I just never thought I'd ever set foot in - Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Music Happiest Place on Earth Jack Mitchell Smith Blog

Paris is, of course, a city of l'amour, and so we had to spend a couple of nights there. But then we of course made tracks to Marne-La-Vallée to enjoy two nights (three whole park days) in Disneyland Paris.

Speaking as a Disneyland novice - and as a fully grown adult - I have to say I was very, very, very impressed and extremely happy throughout the stay.

But, you know the old adages: "music is all around" / "music is the soundtrack to your life" / "where would we be without music?" etc. etc.

Well, in Disneyland (I assume this is completely true of all parks), music is quite literally everywhere. And being a sentimental and nostalgia-driven old sausage, I particularly embraced its appeal as it played hits (instrumentally) that were appropriate to the land you were in, the rides you were on or the attractions you were partaking in, and so much of it was familiar from the films you grew up with.


There was not a single ride that wasn't enhanced by the music. Bearing in mind that what felt like a good majority of the parks are dark rides (at least out of what we covered), the music was a must. As we soared over London on Peter Pan's Flight, or relived the (actually quite frightening!) stories of Snow White and Pinocchio on their respective rides, their respective soundtracks were there to fully compliment the experience.

Yet my favourite ride, I think, was the ever classic Pirates of the Caribbean, and whilst it would have been tempting to fully reimagine this using Hans Zimmer's score (though it was very prominent during the queue), the simplicity of the music in the ride is its appeal. Very quiet, atmospheric build up as you 'sail' round the quiet Caribbean islands. A frightening, pipe organ suspense as the lift hill pulls you up and the musical frivolities of pirate life literally seeming to come 'out of nowhere', complimented by the colours and stunning animatronic.

Special mention also the Phantom Manor who - as a devoted lover of ghost trains - I loved anyway. Yet this one is a family friendly ghost train, of course - being Disney. However, there were some wonderful effects in it that actually would not have been out of place in a more 'adult' attraction. How did they get away with it?

Two things:

  1. No jump scares. Fairly basic one, that.

  2. The music! Keep it playing right throughout, and keep it just on the cusp of being a little haunting but also lighthearted and fun!


We did see a performance of 'Frozen', and whilst two classic songs were performed: "Let it Go" and "Love is an Open Door", much of them were in French (of course). In fact, "Let it Go" was entirely in French. And I just wanted to say that, perhaps out of over-familiarity, I think it sounded much nicer!

Whilst 'Frozen' doesn't quite have the same nostalgia for me, I also do have to remind myself that it is now 10 years old (!), and so of course the songs are going to mean something to me somewhere in my life - just a completely different time to most I was exposed to in the parks.


We saw the light show and the fireworks show on the Monday night and it has to be said that this would be nothing without its soundtrack. Hitting me with about 30 years of nostalgia with songs (often the original songs, at that) blaring out of speakers down Main Street was, to put it mildly, a little emotional. As scenes from the 'Lion King', 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'Beauty and the Beast' and many more were projected faultlessly onto the castle to their soundtracks, it was rather a spectacle to behold.


So, in short conclusion, Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth because of the music. What Disney have realised it that they can tap into our inner child, a place or a state of being that never truly leaves us - more likely we just forget about sometimes.

Most of us remember our childhood fondly, and hearing music from our childhood - particularly ones that meant something to us such as songs from our favourite films (99% of which would have been....Disney!), it really pulls at something. An innocence, a feeling, a carefree attitude towards everything.

Without music, Disneyland would still be wonderful, but it would be like Christmas Cake without icing. Like Curry without Naan Bread. Like Sunday roast without Mashed Potatoes.

Yes, I'm a foodie too.

If you do get round to going, you certainly do get what you pay for. It's magical!



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