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'Grease' Really WAS the Word...

...last week, in fact.

I was a bit out of sorts last week, in fact, as - despite still having my usual lessons and prepping a new set list for a performance this week, my mind was more focused on what was to come each evening from and including Tuesday - Saturday (that is 24th - 28th October 2023).

And this was 'Grease', as performed by the amazing CMT (Congleton Musical Theatre). I have been working with them as musical director on this show since April, now, and it felt like an incredibly long process. However, this last month or so it has really caught up and suddenly it was show week!

After a long, long day on Sunday 22nd (band call, tech rehearsal and dress rehearsal), it was time to open on the Tuesday (after a final rehearsal on the Monday evening). And we opened to the first of five sell out audiences.

Basically, without trying to sound entirely biased as I've been living and breathing this iconic yet decidedly odd show for half a year now, it was a wonderful production. Everybody pulled together. Not just cast, of course, but backstage, sound, lights and more, to make each evening one to remember.

And, of course, to really see closing night off with a band, we had the token band selfie. I took one, of course, but that was near the beginning when the lights were a bit iffy. Thankfully, saxophonist extraordinaire Niamh Boland took a superior one at the end - when the lights were up:

Grease Jack Smith Darren Bello Alastair Kennington, Niamh Boland Tony Lawson Daneside Theatre Congleton Musical Grease 2023 October Jack Mitchell Smith
L - R (back row) Me, Alastair Kennington, Tony Lawson, (front) Darren Bello, Niamh Boland

Thank you to the Daneside and to Congleton Musical Theatre for your hospitality, and to the whole band pictured above for your amazing playing and being a joy to play alongside. Well done to the incredible cast of 'Grease' and best of wishes for all your next ventures!

Keen an eye on the website for amazing production pictures from this show!

Danny Zuko - Kieran Picken

Sandy Dumbrowski - Sam Sherliker-Hewitt

Kenickie - Cory Evans

Betty Rizzo - Abbie Lloyd

Roger - Sid Smith

Jan - Autumn Allen

Sonny Latierri - Gethin Evans

Marty - Charlotte Wills

Doody - Harry Gill

Frenchie - Charlotte Dean

Eugene Florczyk - Rob Tagell

Patty Simcox - Erin Shaw

Cha-Cha Digregorio - Lucie Middleton

Miss Lynch - Hannah Bours

Blanche - Sam Ainsworth

Mrs Johnson - Dawn Fish

Vince Fontaine - Nigel Evans

Teen Angel - Micheal Daws

Ensemble - Lily Clowes, Harvey Griffiths, Taylor Dakin, Ashton Elms, Nadine Lear, Chloe Paige, Megan Paige

Piano / Keyboard - Jack Smith

Electric Guitar - Darren Bello

Bass Guitar - Alastair Kennington

Saxophone - Niamh Boland

Drums - Tony Lawson


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