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'Head Over Heels' Showcase- One Year On

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Easter Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the first public performances from my original album 'Head Over Heels', and I thought I would mark the occasion by remembering it.

What is 'Head Over Heels'?

'Head Over Heels' is an album of twenty songs, spread evenly over two discs, and the best way I have ever been able to describe it is as a variety album. Inspired heavily by my passion of musical theatre, yet we delve into pop, prog rock, swing: the title track even goes country!

Each song is performed by a different performer (or different performers), meaning that each song is absolutely unique when compared to any of its other nineteen counterparts. Each one tells a short narrative, often quirky or tongue in cheek, and each vocalist on the album is a talent local to Macclesfield or Congleton.

Saturday 9th April 2022

Prior to the album's official release date (Friday 22nd April 2022), a teaser was put on at a local Macclesfield venue - MADS Little Theatre.

Following a spectacular projection of Alex Bingle's track 'Dreams' (projection designed by Simon Matthews), the show - hosted by Claire Taylor - introduced the respective songs and performances of;

Simon Waring ('Mister Illusion'), Rebecca Clulow ('Back to Reality'), Simon Hoffman ('Rulebook'), Louise Colohan ('Dismissive'), Pete Munro ('The Midnight Hour'), Sidney Smith ('Take a Walk') and Emily Redwood ('I'll Be There').

The performance was finished off by the title track - 'Head Over Heels' - performed by Louise Colohan in Sarah Powell's absence:


Everybody loved it, and everybody who purchased or downloaded a copy of the album on its eventual release date loved it too!

It even led to me going on the radio! Whilst the title track circulated Canalside in Macclesfield, I ended up on Radio Northwich with Louise Colohan to promote it!

Get a Copy!

'Head Over Heels' has been transferred to my complete ownership from West Kingston Productions, under whom it was originally released. You can download the MP3 album from my website and - as was always the case - in doing so, you will be supporting each and every singer and musician on the project:

The Cast

Drums - Glenn Charles

Bass Guitars - Liv Baker-Mendoza / Chris Thompson

Electric / Acoustic Guitars - Ryszard Kolendo

Piano / Keys - Jack Mitchell Smith

Trumpets - Colin Jones

Flute / Sax - Michael Kearley

Violin - Sarah Jackson

'A New Life' - Eddie Melling

'Take a Walk' - Sidney Smith

'Back to Reality' - Rebecca Clulow

'Rulebook (Sing "Yeh, Yeh!")' - Simon Hoffman

'The Midnight Hour' - Pete Munro

'Head Over Heels' - Sarah Powell

'One Wonder' - Giles Hardwick

'Thank You for the Call' - Nickie Simms

'Dreams' - Alex Bingle

'Notice Me' - Luke Stevenson

'Mister Illusion' - Simon Waring

'More Than a Word' - Claire E

'Closer' - Becka Gill and Kate Darlington

'Kids Play' - Joe Ryan

'It's True' - Fleur Evangeline

'Judgement Day' - Alicia Whittaker and Danny Gilman

'The Man with No Identity' - Calum Hogan

'My Dying Day' - Tom Blackwell

'Dismissive' - Louise Colohan

'I'll Be There' - Emily Redwood


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