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Miniatures for Piano - LIVE!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

You may remember that a few months back - on World Piano Day, in fact - an album of music performed by myself and composed by Michael A Grant was unleashed onto the unsuspecting world.

Well, it was only a matter of time before 'Miniatures' was to make its live debut, having already been released for download, streaming and on CD.

Over the past few weeks I have been relearning (as it has been over a year, and my long term memory isn't what it once was!) these twelve delightful piano pieces with a view to performing them live.

And live will come in the form of;

Friday 13th October

8:00 pm

Emmanuel Church

6 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, M20 6TR

Performed by myself once more, and with a commentary of insights into the music by the composer himself, I am looking forward to being a part of this and performing this music once again.

Unsurprisingly, what with it not taking all that long to get back into the swing of playing the pieces, I feel I play them even better now second time round! You can find evidence of this as I have been filming as I go and uploading to YouTube.

And all twelve pieces are on YouTube for you to watch me perform them!

For example, here is 'Vision of Triumph':

Click here to watch the whole playlist!

And if that suitably whets your appetite, come and see me perform it all live on Friday 13th October at Didsbury's Emmanuel Church.


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