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Practice Journal: "Fantasia and Sonata in C Minor" - Mozart - Part Two

Exciting news on the 'Fantasia and Sonata in C Minor' world in that I.............


got to the end!

That's not to say it's perfect, mind. But I did!

And you may recall last time that, with the assistance of a broken metronome (i.e. no metronome whatsoever) I slowly made my way through the most intricate and quick passage of the whole piece - 'Piú Allegro'.

Well, I became more and more confident with this that I managed to take the piece through to the end and begin on the all important chore of committing the whole piece to memory.

However, it has to be noted that I haven't documented a lot of it because a lot of it was actually relatively straightforward. Yes, I have worked a little on the odd expression and tightening up some passages etc. etc., but really this same particular section is my personal Achilles Heel of the piece. So what did I do?

I went back to it once I had committed the whole piece to memory and ensure that I give it a good couple of plays through - this time with my brand new metronome - prior to playing the piece as a whole. And then addressing any more minor issues that may crop up in the rest of the piece.

Here is a reasonable albeit still imperfect take.

Don't worry though. I'll be performing this whole piece for you before you know it!

I still have a little work to do by way of evenness in the notes. Even when I didn't go wrong on the video above, it's not as tight as it could and should be, however, compared to what it was it is much better.

Plus, the confining of the music to my memory is excellent as it has forced muscle memory, meaning that I can play it faster with less dire consequence.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates. Perhaps next time will be the full piece!



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