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Twelve New Chapters - Full Piano Score

Twelve New Chapters - Full Piano Score


My piano suite 'Twelve New Chapters' takes the listener through the months of the year, starting with 'A Sleep From Night To Morn' - referring specifically to the sleep over New Years Eve (phrased from the poem 'New Year's Morning' by Helen Hunt Jackson).

From here, we are transported through all months of the year in turn using nature and literary references associated with the respective month, some of them being reflective, some fun, some dramatic and some bleak. Yet what year isn't?


1 - A Sleep from Night to Morn

2 - Snowdrops

3 - The 'Ides Of' March

4 - Fluttering in the Breeze

5 - The Magical Hawthorn Tree

6 - Wine and the Touch of a Hand

7 - Under the Full Buck Moon

8 - Thunderstorm vs. Peridot

9 - First Term

10 - Music for a Rainy Day

11 - The Leaves Where You Walk

12 - "So He Did Come After All!"

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