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Presenting...My Original Scores!

It's been a long time coming, but I am thrilled to say that my online shop now has three new scores of mine ready to download in PDF format.

Considering that the youngest of these suites is still over one year old, it may cross your mind to ask the burning question - why now? What's the big deal? Why so long?

Well, anybody who remembers any of these suites may remember that they were released originally under West Kingston Productions, the company of whom I was one of two directors.

When the company was dissolved, it stood to reason that the music should come back to me. But there had to be a little bit of formality and sorting things out first.

And once the formality was done, it was a case of changing the copyright on the scores to my name as opposed to West Kingston Productions, and before long there were...three scores!

'The Life and Times of the Butterfly" will be re-transcribed to the tragic obsolescence of the software I originally notated it on, however it is with great pleasure that I announce the welcome return of the following:


'Spectroscopy' remains available for free MP3 download on my website, but if you fancy playing it yourself you can download the score now.

The suite is in seven short movements. Each is a duet with the piano, but led by a different lead instrument or vocal. This creates seven unique timbres, inkeeping with the seven colours of the prism (or spectrum - see?!).

The pieces are:

Kimono (piano and vocal - alto)

Father of the Fatherland (piano and oboe)

Precious Gold (piano and cello)

Three Plus One (piano and flute)

Krishna (piano and violin)

Whisper of the Soul (piano and clarinet - Bb)

Murex Shell (piano and blues guitar - notation and tab)

Head Over Heels

Available again for free MP3 download from my website, 'Head Over Heels' was my biggest project today. Still is, in fact.

It is a collection of two halves - act one and act two, if you wish - comprising each of ten songs performed by a different vocalist (or vocalists).

This is to create the ultimate variety album.

More excitingly still is that the vocal talents heard are entirely locally sourced from my home town of Macclesfield and the surrounding areas (Congleton, Cheshire East).

There is pop, rock, country, theatre, swing and piano ballad on this album, so variety is a bit of an understatement. But it was certainly my attempt to do a modern music hall inspired performance which you can now perform at home, thanks to the score available on my shop!


A New Life

Take a Walk

Back to Reality

Rulebook (Sing 'Yeh, Yeh'!)

The Midnight Hour

Head Over Heels

One Wonder

Thank You for the Call


Notice Me


Mister Illusion

More Than a Word


Kids Play

It's True

Judgement Day

The Man with No Identity

My Dying Day


I'll Be There

Piano Sonata in C Major

A piano sonata in the key of C Major, of course, and in three very distinct (but heavily inspired by one another) movements;




You can download the MP3 of my Piano Sonata in C Major for free, or purchase the score from my shop.


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