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The Life and Times of the Butterfly

Original Release: 

2nd February 2020

I was inspired to write a suite of music based around the life cycle of the butterfly when I discovered a unique way of playing that - to my knowledge - had not been utilised. I make a nod to it in the printed score as 'a la butterfly', and the technique is simply to lock your thumbs around one another and play using the remaining fingers. These fingers can create the 'wings' of your butterfly, whereas the thumbs are the body.

In 2016 I recorded the suite on a Bösendorfer Imperial 290 in Sheffield, under the watchful eye and production of James Bacon.

The cover artwork was designed and sketched by Macclesfield artist Charlotte Oxenham.

If you enjoy this suite, why not try 'Twelve New Chapters'?

The Life and Times of the Butterfly
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